Lefkada on its blue

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      The Ionian Sea always impresses me with the blue nuances it imposes: blue like ink, cobalt, sapphire blue, turquoise. I can say that the color of water often eclipses the beauty of the landscape and of the beaches.

              Unlike the other islands of the Ionian Sea, the island of Lefkada is connected to mainland Greece through a tunnel and a floated bridge. Few people know that there is also a way that avoids the so crowded tunnel during the summer season.

               As soon as we got out of the tunnel, I was disappointed because of the garbage along the entire road. I was wondering then if I made a good choice in spending a holiday in Lefkada. We had this worry the next day, when we stepped down the stairs to Porto Katsiki beach and see garbage on them.

             Fortunately, despite the garbage, the landscapes of this island are amazing. Too bad that these wounds are left by indifferent tourists! In addition, I think that local authorities do not seem to gathering them regularly.

            Lefkada is generous in terms of beaches. The western part has wild and spectacular beaches, while in the east they are better organized. In August all the beaches are crowded! A native told me that the Italians occupy the first place among the tourists who visit this island, followed by Serbs, Bulgarians and Romanians.

            I can not make a top of this beaches, so I’ll introduce you from the geographic position.

            There are many beaches in the western part of the island: Mili, Agios Ioannis, Tsoukalades, Pefkoulia, Ag. Nikitas, Milos, Kathisma, Kalamitsi (Gaidaros), Avali, Kavalikefta, Megali Petra, Gialos, Egremni, Porto Katsiki.

           In the east of the island are Lefkada, Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali, Nidri, Dessimi and in the south Kamari, Mikros Gialos, Sivota, Afteli, Ammoussa, Agiofili, Vassiliki.

           I think the pictures are the best ambassadors, so I chose a few, although it was hard for me to make a selection.

             And now some details about these beaches! I will not bore you with information about accessibility … we live in the “GPS” era and each of you has its own route.

             Porto Katski is the most photographed beach in Lefkada and deserves its reputation as “the most spectacular beach”. It becomes very busy from lunchtime when parking lots are taken, so tourists are forced to find a safe place on one side of the road and then take their way to the beach.

             Egemni had lost accessibility with the destruction of the road after the earthquake on November 2015. There are cruises here so it should not be missed! We arrived in the morning when the beach was deserted and savored every moment. I could not help seeing a few plastic bottles and juice cans left by irresponsible tourists!

             Kavalikefta and Megali Petra are very different, but the common denominator is the splendid landscape. There are two ways of access between the two beaches: one on a path starting from the left of the parking lot (accessible to everyone) and one on the beach, among the huge rocks (not recommended for overweight people due to the effort and a very narrow part between two cliffs).

            Mili and Agios Ioannis, located in the northwest, are often photographed thanks to the former windmills as well as the unique landscape. They are long, wide and sandy with small portions covered with pebbles.

           Agios Nikitas, a small and crowded beach, but beautiful like a postcard, is the starting point to Milos beach. Access to Milos is on a hiking path over a hill or by boat for comfortable people (every thirty minutes from 10 o’clock). I really liked Milos beach! It is wide, sandy, sheltered by a slope, with clear water in blue and cobalt blue.

           Avali, Kalamitsi (Gaidaros) and Kathisma communicate with each other, as it is a long beach of a few kilometers. Kathisma is very crowded, with many facilities, with bars and tavernas.  Kalamitsi and Avali are peaceful. On the way to Kathisma there is the Raki restaurant next to which you can enjoy paragliding. The view to the beach is wonderful!

          Gialos or Yialos is loved by locals who obviously want peace. It has a tavern and the spectacular road is well maintained. Tsoukalades and Pefkoulia are two different beaches, the first wilder, the second well organized with a restaurant that has a swimming pool. This is ideal especially when high waves are sweeping the beach. From the east of the island I liked Dessimi, and from the south Agiofili for its scenery and Vasiliki for the landscape created by windsurfers.

         Access to all beaches is easy, with all the roads well maintained!

   The beaches of Lefkada are mostly with rocks or pebbles that continue in the water. Those in the west of the island are affected by the wind and are often swept away by high waves. The sunsets are wonderful!








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