The impressive Niagara Falls

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         One of the tourist attractions in the US which is not to be missed is the Niagara Falls, the most powerful North American fall, with an average flow of 4200 m3/s. The two days spent on the American side of the waterfall were among the most successful throughout the US visit. I think reporting cascade information is the best way to get your curiosity.

  1. The name “Niagara” comes from the language of the Indians in the Iroquois region, Onguiaahra, and means “the strait”.
  2. The Niagara Fall has three water falls! On the American side there are two water falls that have only 10% of the total water volume: the American Waterfall and the Bridal Veil Falls. The biggest waterfall (Horseshoe Falls) is on the Canadian side. The Goat Island is between Horseshoe Falls and the American falls. It is 790 m wide, about 53 m tall and has a horseshoe shape.
  3. The first person who crossed the waterfall in a barrel !!! … yes you read well, had been a brave 63-year-old teacher. In 1901, she made the crossing holding her cat in her arms.
  4. On March 29, 1848, the weather was so cold that an ice bed was formed upstream of the cascade, which stopped the flow of water for several hours. People were so impressed with the phenomenon that they ventured and gathered rochs from the bottom of the river bed.
  5. About 90% of the cascading fish survive this attempt. It is assumed that very small drops of water and the falling speed act as a pillow.
  6. About 20% of US drinking water comes from here.
  7. In June 1969, a project involving the deviation of water flows to remove the rocks at the base of the waterfall was launched. The idea was soon abandoned because of the exorbitant costs.
  8. During the American Revolution many slaves crossed the waterfall to Canada to escape the slaveryy.
  9. An exciting way to explore all three waterfalls is through the “Maid of the Mist” cruise, named after an ancient mythical character of Indian civilization Ongiara. This is a route between the Rainbow Bridge (near it) and the Horseshoe Falls through two boats, one Canadian (Red) and one American (Blue).
  10. The surrounding area of the Niagara Falls is a huge national park where there are bike trails, bird and animal observation points, etc.

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